About Us

About Us

Bedford Collab is an LLC company founded in May of 2020. The purpose of its existence is to provide sustainability through growing fresh produce, aiding in food rescue, and providing a shared commercial kitchen for existing and striving food entrepreneurs, along with revitalizing a disinvested neighborhood. The culture that is created will bring all walks of life into one geographic location for the benefit and flourishing of everyone in proximity.

Foodpreneurs and community members have been in a 12-year process of bringing a shared commercial kitchen to the Evansville area, and now we are at the cusp. This space will house a wide range of experiences through food, culture, collaboration, and community-building. With our food experts on-site, we will begin to reduce food insecurity through our community gardens and indoor vertical hydroponic as well.

Our vision when it’s all said and done, is to be a catalyst for economic development and further increasing the quality of life of those that live nearby and/or find us as a destination.

Our Story

Check out our Community One video to learn more about the history of our founding and the goals of our mission!

Meet the Team

Merrick Korach

CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, community developer, and social justice advocate. Here to make the world a better place through peaceful disruptions. Driven to help foodpreneurs get what they need to start and grow their businesses.

DeAndre Wilson


Change agent. Dedicated to developing more inclusive and accessible channels for foodpreneurs success. Business owner and producer of the Keep Rolling Campaign.

Jeff Gott

Kitchen Manager

Experienced culinary chef. Founder of Turn Table. Passionate towards helping foodpreneurs launch their businesses within the community.

Danielle Powell

Recruitment & Onboarding

Expert in the food scene. Featured on Travel Channel and Food Network. Restaurant conceptualist from Los Angeles. Visionary coach.